Doggie Daycare


Our Doggie Daycare is available full days Monday-Friday. We have two fully fenced yards for play and potty!  We also have a heated and air conditioned building with plenty of room for indoor play. Every dog has individual crates for downtime. You may provide favorite blankets, bones, treats etc. from home for this space. We give your dog lots of attention, stimulation and exercise, leaving you guilt free and with a tired and happy pup after a long day of work!



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Hours & Schedule


Drop off - 6:30-8:30am

Pickup - 3:30-6:00pm


Daily Schedule

8:00- 8:30: Morning Potty

If play is to be inside for the day, dogs are taken out individually to our fully fenced yards to do their business.

8:30- 11:30: PLAYTIME!

All dogs are supervised during play. They are out with small groups of other dogs, split into multiple playgroups based on size and temperament. Toys are provided.

11:30-12:30. Nap and Snack time.

Everyone is put up for a break. They are given water, and any food/treats that you provide. If play is inside, they will also be taken out for a potty break.

12:30- 3:30: More Playtime

More playtime, same as in the morning. Everyone is also given some individual time during the afternoon. This could be petting, extra ball time or playing on our agility equipment.


More water and treats. If play has been inside, everyone gets another potty break.  







$15/ day per dog

2 dogs $23/day



Pre-paid packages: Buy 10 days, get your 11th day free.

All 5 days/week package: $65



Canine Solutions Daycare LLC is owned and operated by Sarah Knickelbein. Sarah has been working with dogs and other animals since she was 15 years old. She is  an AKC CGC evaluator and an apprentice tester for the American Temperament Test Society. She is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. She actively shows one her dogs in multiple venues and currently shares her home with a Golden Retriever, an American Tunnel Terrier and two cats.