We offer a number of different training options.  We hold classes in Puppy Kindergarten, Intermediate Puppy, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Competition Obedience, Rally Obedience and Conformation. We also offer Private Lessons.

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Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies from 8-12 weeks of age.  This is a very important time in your puppy's life.  This is the time you want to introduce your puppy to new people, new experiences and other animals.  This class is set up to socialize your puppy, learn about basic dog care and start teaching your puppy simple commands.  This is an on going class that enables puppies to start at any time.  

The cost for this class is $85.00 for 6 sessions

This course is available on Saturdays in Beaver Dam.




This Puppy class is for puppies between 14 weeks and the time they start Basic Obedience (5-6 months).  These puppies are too young for Basic Obedience but are too old for "baby" Puppy Kindergarten.  We want you to keep in the training habit and this is a great option!

The cost for this class is $85.00 for 6 sessions

This course is available on Saturdays in Beaver Dam



Basic Obedience is the next step in which we will teach you how to teach your dog.  In this class, you and your dog will learn sit, down, heel (walk on a loose leash at your side) stand, stay and come.  We also address any individual problems that you or your dog might be facing. Don't think it's to late to "fix" a problem in an older dog, we have had many dogs start obedience at two years of age or older!  This class is for dogs 6 months and older. This class is 8 weeks in length and meets for one hour sessions once a week.  We include Canine Good Citizen testing at                                                                                                              the end of the 8 weeks.  

The cost for this class is $120.00.  

This class is held on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.



Advanced Obedience is for those dogs who have been through a Basic class and want to continue with the fun of training.  We work off lead along with new exercises. Each week of the month we change our training focus - Rally Obedience, Obstacles, New Exercises and Proofing your dog just to name a few.  This class is tailored for our students and their dog's abilities.  A prerequisite for this class is Basic Obedience, although we will evaluate dogs that have started with another school or trainer.  

This is an on-going class. The initial 8 sessions cost $120.00. Each additional 8 sessions are half price  

Class is available in Beaver Dam on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  We list what venue we are working on each week on our Facebook page on Tuesday.



We also hold classes in Rally Obedience and Agility before major showing events to get ready for competition.  Watch the Facebook page to see when classes will be held.

These classes are designed to help people get ready for showing their dogs for titles in these two venues.  We not only go over the actual exercises but we talk about rules, regulations, etc. 

These classes are $5.00 for each session.



Private Lessons are available at our school in Beaver Dam.  These lessons are for those individuals who find it hard to make the time commitment for a class.  These lessons are set up at a mutually agreed upon time between owner and trainer.  Private lessons are also a good alternative for a pet with a specific problem or task.  

Private lessons start at $30.00 an hour depending on the location.