Pet Services


Our In-House Pet Care services are unlike anything in the area. We offer In-House pet care as an alternative to boarding your pet.  Why turn your pet’s life upside down during your vacation or work travel? Keep them at home where they feel comfortable and secure.  Our rates are often the same if not less expensive then boarding.  Your home is also safer with someone home!

We are available for Therapy Dog Evaluation and Canine Good Citizenship Testing. Click on the Canine Good Citizen icon for more information on the testing process. Also learn all about our Therapy Dog and R.E.A.D. programs by clicking the icons below


Leaving for vacation or traveling for work and can't take your pet?  We offer In-House pet care as an alternative to boarding your pet.  Many times for different reasons, home is the best place for your pet to be when you are not there.  We offer a service that will work around your pet's normal schedule.  

Why turn their life upside down during your vacation or work travel?  Keep them at home where they feel comfortable and secure.  We offer this service for animals other than dogs too!  While at your house we will also take in the mail, newspapers and water your plants!  This is a very affordable alternative for you and your pet.

Contact us for more details and costs.




Therapy Dogs can be used in many different ways, whether it's visiting residents at an assisted living facility, bringing smiles to hospitalized patients or helping children read.  Dogs can bring joy to many people through this work.

Canine Solutions is a big believer in "dog therapy".  Polly has been evaluating therapy dogs for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs for over 2 decades.  Lisa is also therapy dog evaluator.

ANY dog who is over the age of 12 months, has a natural love for people and has basic manners can become a therapy dog.  The Alliance of Therapy Dogs is NOT breed specific, any breed of dog or mix breeds can become therapy dogs.

To become a therapy dog, a dog and handler (owner) must pass an initial evaluation and then three scheduled visits to different facilities.  In the initial evaluation, the dog is tested for social skills and manners.  The dog must be able to walk on a loose leash, without pulling and be able to greet people with all four paw on the floor.  The handler must know some things too!  This is a "team event" both dog and handler have to pass! The handler should be able to understand how their dog will behave in certain situations.

Once a team has passed their evaluation and three visits they can register their dog as a therapy dog.  Once registration is completed, they can either join us on our scheduled visits or contact new facilities and start their own visits.  The sky is the limit at this point, working with facilities and spreading the joy of therapy dogs.


However, there is a small annual fee of $30.00 to register your dog.  This fee is to cover the cost of registration and insurance.

If this is something you'd be interested in , please contact us for further information and to schedule an evaluation.

Giving a dog something to think about can keep them from getting into trouble. These dogs have are doing a sit stay on an obstacle that they are not used to sitting on. Their owner is somewhere else in the school so the dogs have to trust the owner and this build their confidence and keeps their brain working.



What is a Reading Education Assistance Dog?  

A R.E.A.D. Dog is a registered Therapy Dog with special qualities.  These include:

  1. Calm, quiet, attentive and comfortable in low-key settings; conversely, able to deal with close and unexpected encounters with large groups of rambunctious children.

  2. Solid obedience skills/willingness to learn things like the paw-stay and focused attention.

  3. Tolerant of chaotic environments and sudden loud noises (school bells, puppets, etc.).

  4. Tolerant of tugging, pulling and exuberant handling.

  5. Neutral to presence of toys, crayons, paper, books and lunch remnants in trash baskets.

  6. Cool around other animals.

  7. Likes children.


Handlers are also very important in this "team" job, they need special qualities too!  These include:

  1. Enjoys children.

  2. LoveS to read.

  3. Willingness to get to know the children, understand their challenges, remember things about them.

  4. Compassion for and sensitivity to the hesitant and reticent child; patience with the over-active child.

  5. Patience with repetitive reading of the same books and the ability to discern

  6. Age-appropriate reading material or related activities.

  7. Flexibility and the ability to "go with the flow".

  8. Willingness to possibly teach your dog a few new commands.

  9. COMMITMENT to the program.


We will offer CGC testing throughout the year.  You don't have to join our Basic Class to go through this testing although it is incorporated into the class.  Scheduled times for CGC tests will be posted.  The cost for CGC testing is $15.00, this does NOT includes a filing fee with the American Kennel Club.

Click on the logo to view the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen webpage to learn more about the CGC test.


Canine Solutions holds an annual American Temperament Test Society temperament test.  This is a standardized test open to all breeds and mixed breeds..  For more information, please contact us.  

Please click on the logo to view the American Temperament Test Society website and learn more!